Inari sushi - Kawai bears


~Cute Food~ Hello Kitty

Kitty bento one of my friends would love this she loves hello kittyyyyyy

Snoopy Coffee Latte Art

15 Amazing Latte Art From Japan! Kazuki Yamamoto is a Japanese barista who constructs eye-popping works of art using just foam and coffee.

3D latte art

Octopus The Incredible Latte Art By Kazuki Yamamoto Will Amaze You All

大根おろしアートの進化が止まらない!!まずは初級編から挑戦♪ | ギャザリー

大根おろしアートの進化が止まらない!!まずは初級編から挑戦♪ | ギャザリー


可愛すぎて食べられないよ♡ on

It’s been nearly a year since we last paid a visit to the Department of Delectable Daikon Art. Meals made with grated daikon radish (daikon oroshi) sculptures are a popular home remedy on hot summer.

早起きして、お弁当!疲れました / お花見弁当グランプリ2014【ヤマサ醤油株式会社】


早起きして、お弁当!疲れました / お花見弁当グランプリ2014【ヤマサ醤油株式会社】

最近、大根おろしを使用して白くまなどを造形する『大根おろしアート』が一大ブームを迎えてますが、この度大根おろしアートに続く、最新食卓アートを発見したのでご紹介。 今回発見したのは、キュウリを使用したそ

カッパ巻き? Kappa is a water diety in Japanese folklore and a famous rolled Sushi filled with cucumber is named after that diety. Now if you combine those two literally.


In Japan, miniature capybaras are made of daikon oroshi (grated daikon radish). After being mounded up and shaped, they're put in your choice of soup!


A guy named Kazuki Yamamoto from Osaka in Japan creates some really incredible latte art and got some serious skills. It is nice when you see that people are enjoying what they do and the work is becoming hobby as well.