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Paola Bianco

Thousand Line Construction

Thousand Line Construction : Hamish Macpherson A spatial exploration into the interplay of materials, construction techniques, and delicate and precise design. Inspired by Hanakago; the craft of Ja…

Albrecht Dürer, A plate from the Four Books / Sacred Geometry <3

Maps Inchoate

Albrecht Dürer, A plate from the Four Books on Measurement, 1525 *

alternative agendas: temporary architecture

temporary architecture

Voronoi is a temporary pavilion for relaxation in the context of Kernel Festival 2011, set in the park of Villa Tetoni Travesi Desio, Italy. the pavilion dwells on the use of solar energy, and provides settings for relaxation and sharing. Here is our take on it*. The pavilion is made from four complementary systems, based on a voronoi geometry: a structural grid, a roof, a serie of nests and two cores. The structural grid is a trellis that acts as the backbone of the pavilion. It supports…

University of Huddersfield – 'Dreamwall Style Blog'

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Cardboard Creations: 45 Recycled Works of Art - WebEcoist

Cardboard is just a throwaway material, short-lived and impermanent. But it doesn't have to be. While cardboard may perform mostly temporary functions in our lives, it can serve as the basis of some absolutely amazing sculptures, furniture, functioning electronics and even entire offices and apartments. These 45

temporary wooden structures project

Wood Constructions

Our class made this in April. More photos here . Here is another one completed last year. Another impressive wood construction done by stud...

Cross River Rail Detailed Feasibility Study by Hassell.

2012 Brisbane Regional architecture awards

River Quay by Arkhefield and Four-Room Cottage by Owen and Vokes took home the top prizes at the 2012 Brisbane regional awards.

O-STRIP Pavilion / Tongji University Team

O-STRIP Pavilion is one of the projects in Tongji University’s Fabrication workshop that aims to bring back the liveliness of the place. The site is...

Biomimetic Engineering Membranes by Achim Menges.

Hyper-Toroidal Deep Surface Prototype

The webpage portrays Achim Menges academic design research as well as architectural and product design work

Innovative Prototyping @ Dynamic Fields – Responsive Architecture Workshop Results

Innovative Prototyping @ Dynamic Fields – Responsive Architecture Workshop Results

The Innovative Prototyping @ Dynamic Fields – Responsive Architecture Workshop, which took place in Bucharest, Romani...

Kangaroo - Mesh Relaxation - Tutorial 1. This tutorial takes you through a simple example of relaxing a mesh using Kangaroo. The example fil...

Kangaroo –

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eat-a-bug: Experimental Wood Structures at ETH

Experimental Wood Structures at ETH

Lately, a variety of experimental wooden pavilions have been erected at the ETH Hönggerberg campus , Zurich. A pavilion made from bent ...