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Gallery - AD Classics: Sendai Mediatheque / Toyo Ito - 11

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Daylighting—the use of windows or skylights for natural lighting and temperature regulation—is one building strategy that can save money for homeowners and businesses. see the advantages of LIGHT SHELVES.

Timber Frame Barn Post Base This is one method for securing a timber post to a solid poured concrete pier, slab or foundation.

This welded steel knife plate to timber post is a simple way to connect your timber frame to a concrete foundation with a bit of welding.

A diagram shows a living room that has used light shelves to create a glare-free area for the wall with the television, but still allows nat...

Diagrams shows a room that using light shelves to create a bright area, as well as allows natural sun light to fall on the other side of the room. The diagrams also show light shelves being used to direct passive light inside the room.