Halloween appetizers

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three decorated cookies sitting on top of each other
Spider puzzle
four decorated cookies on a plate with black icing and white icing in the shape of skeletons
Halloween sugar cookies that'll cast a spooky spell on you | Hike n Dip
three decorated cookies with black icing and white frosting on the top one has a skeleton
36 Cute Halloween Cupcakes with Deliciously Spooky Decorations
cookies decorated with black and white icing are arranged in the shape of skulles
a piece of chocolate with green frosting on it and eyes drawn on the side
Kit-kat Frankenstein Halloween
Kit-kat Halloween Frankenstein treat Kit-kat mini bars Royal icing - died green Candy eyes Candy sprinkles Royal icing: 1 egg white 1/8 tsp cream of tartar 1 cup powdered sugar 1-2 drops of green food coloring I made these with my preschoolers
two pieces of chocolate with googly eyes on them
It's Alive! Adorable Franken-Kit Kats for Halloween
A cute and fun way to play with Halloween candy this month. Frankensticks
a homemade pumpkin pie made to look like a mummy pie with googly eyes
Halloween Dessert Recipes – Mummy Pie | Family Finds Fun
Halloween Dessert Recipes Halloween Mummy Pie
a pumpkin pie with eyes and mouth is on a napkin next to an orange pumpkin
Torta salata di Halloween
A volte basta poco per trasformare un piatto semplice in una spaventosa torta salata di Halloween! Uno scrigno di pasta sfoglia ripieno di carne e melanzane che conquisterà grandi e piccini.
a wooden cutting board with a pie in the shape of a jack skellingy face
Having friends over for a Halloween themed dinner? Make a Jack pie crust! Very cool touch on meat or fruit pies!