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DIY Camper Ideas Space Saving and Become Better Camping Trailers; DIY Camper Van, Camping Trailers or RV Hacks Remodel and Makeover is a good choice to make it better camping trailers.



100均ショップのグッズで【キッチン収納】♪狭い空間を活用する4つのステップ♡ | ギャザリー

100均ショップのグッズで【キッチン収納】♪狭い空間を活用する4つのステップ♡ | ギャザリー

クールな印象のビールやウイスキーのビンは必ず何かに使えます!  そのまま植物を差しても様になるし、加工してアイデアを広げるのも楽しい。こちらはジャックダニエルのビンを加工したソープディスペンサー。

Cool idea for a man cave! Jack Daniel's Soap Dispenser, for the man- bathroom. Could also be a cool gift idea in favourite booze bottle.

This Shoebox Marker Caddy is so smart!

Shoe box + toilet paper tubes (and/or paper towel tube pieces) = storage for pens and other office/art supplies. This website also has additional paper towel/toilet paper tube project ideas.

This is a jewelry organizer designed and crafted by me. Functional with an artistic flare is my goal when making functional pieces. Something you can use every day and be well-pleased to display in your bedroom or elsewhere as a piece of art.   Designed on a White distressed background, is meant to hold most of your jewelry in a way you can reach them easily. Has chrome hooks for about 100 earrings of any length, then a large bracelet bar and a ring box for more than 15 rings , along with a…

Jewelry Organizer Good, Great, or just OK? Jewelry Organizer Closet Organizers You Get To Pick The Stain, Mesh and Hook Color, Scroll Trim Series Wall


How to Store Large Envelope Patterns