Garden pod

om sunlight and darkness of night can also be endowed under it. The place can then be used as a study room or even a dining room. The usage of pallets makes the place antique and attracts the visitors.

リビングと一体となった2階テラス。鉄骨階段を登って屋上へとアプローチする。 | 逗子KD邸<屋上段々テラスのある家>

Print these pantry organization labels for free and add to your kitchen. Labels include recipe so everything can be stored in ja.


patio awning blue concrete - santa ynez house - fernau + hartman architects - photo © richard barnes + marion brenner via archdaily

練馬 T HOUSE: Style is Still Living ,inc.が手掛けたオリジナルバルコニー&テラスです。


練馬 T HOUSE: Style is Still Living ,inc.が手掛けたオリジナルバルコニー&テラスです。

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