Mr. Parker

Mr. Parker

This reminds me of Andrew J. DeSimone, my dad the barber. I used to love hopping up on the booster seat to get a pretend shave in his barber shop. Love you, Daddy.

宮﨑あおい TOKYO HREAT(東京メトロ) 【2】

scale and proportion to create mood - use of large type to be playful. The large O's frame the faces in the design, making you focus on them. The faces are smiling creating a mood of happiness and playfulness.

First like yourself

恋をしましょう BEAMS If you want to be liked, first like yourself. If you want to be…

Penguin Audio books!

Last year, Penguin Books promoted its audiobooks with a brilliant print ad campaign featuring illustrations of three well known authors - William Shakespeare, Mark Twain and Oscar Wilde - acting as headphones and whispering in the ears of their listeners.

去年の服が似合わなかった。 わたしが前進しちゃうからだ。 【LUMINE】

去年の服が似合わなかった。 わたしが前進しちゃうからだ。 【LUMINE】

Dove's 'Real Beauty' Sketches

Dove: Real Beauty Advertising Agency: Ogilvy, Brazil Creative director: Anselmo Ramos Copywriter: Hugo Veiga Art director: Diego Machado Production: Paranoid Director: John X Carey Agency producer: Veronica Beach


Mariko Ogata is a multi-talented copywriter and creative director at ad agency Hakuhodo. One of her biggest clients is the department store LUMINE, for which she designs and shoots ads (…) Read