Santorini, Greece | Cool Places. Maybe we'll get our honeymoon that we were meant to have.

Santorini, Greece - would love to visit Greece someday

Kamikochi, Nagano, Japan

Kamikochi, Nagano, Japan Kamikōchi is a remote mountainous highland valley within the Hida Mountain range. It has been preserved in its natural state within Chūbu-Sangaku National Park

京都 西芳寺(苔寺)/Saiho-ji temple Kyoto, moss garden

Moss Bridge - Saiho-ji Temple Kyoto, Japan Known as Kokedera, or the Moss Temple, Saiho-ji is home to one of Kyoto’s most famous tourist attractions, the moss garden. Over 120 types of moss cover the garden grounds.

Wall of snow Tateyama JAPAN

Wall of snow Tateyama JAPAN talking about different climates in Japan

Okinawa, Japan ‎

Tokashiki Shimajiri District, Okinawa Prefecture, Japan ‎ a tropical, stunning place (for a honeymoon), and it's in Japan so it's even more perfect!

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Club Med Kani @ Maldives - take me there! Tim and my honeymoon paradise. Will go back again in a heartbeat

Stairway to heaven - Ithaka island in Greece

30 Spectacular Places You Want to Be Right Now

Stairway to heaven - Ithaka island in Greece (summer things holidays)

皆さん、突然ですが高知県の”川”と言ったらどこを思い浮かべますか? だいたいの方が「四万十川!」と答えると思うのですが、実は高知県には四万十川よりもはるかに美しい、いや美しすぎる川があるのです・・・!


Tranquility In A Time Gone By: 5 Vacation Spots In South-west Japan

Want to be there!

Awesome Things in the World Crystal Clear Water, Bahamas

Tarai Boat ( Tub Boat ) River Cruise in Ogaki , Gifu , Japan. Reminds me of "Spirited Away".

Tarai Boat (Tub Boat) River Cruise in Ogaki, Gifu, Japan - Whoa this looks cool!