I am destined to illuminate you by burning myself up. - Maurice Blanchot, from The Work of Fire, transl.

Rock 'n' Roll Style ✯ anhcotran F R I N G E . . . #haircut

Baby Bang / Fringe - love the length & rounded shape. Sleek bang plus textured mid-length chop gives rocker chic vibe.



Models, before and after makeup. - Guess they're human afterall


Supermodels without makeup- Remembering not to compare yourself to the makeup, hair, lighting, photography and retouching you see every day! It is crazy to think. My wife is more beautiful than these"super models" with or without makeup.

2016年の冬メイクを予習♡プチプラコスメでトレンド顔をGETしよう! - Locari(ロカリ)


2016年の冬メイクを予習♡プチプラコスメでトレンド顔をGETしよう! - Locari(ロカリ)