Necromata after renovations

In what world would the front steps of a palace be a natural, shallow pond? What creatures can walk through it without cringing or, well, dying? Perhaps only the merfolk.

Image by Akѧíto x Ŧѧรнί๏ภ

Allie, Joey and Zandia's. Very close to Bae and Jolene growing up, so she decided to adopt the "pastel goth" aesthetic. Is cute and playful, but can hold a deep conversation. She is more attracted to minds than bodies, but does prefer males.

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Ball's Pyramid, Australia

Ball's Pyramid

Ball Pyramid - the world’s tallest sea stack. It is the remains of a shield volcano formed about 7 million years ago, located southeast of Lord Howe Island in the Pacific Ocean. Ball's Pyramid is part of the Lord Howe Island Marine Park in Australia.