A Vajrayogini mandala Central Tibet, 18th century

Mandala of Vajrayogini (Buddhist Deity) - (Indrabhuti Tradition) (HimalayanArt)

Tibetan Mandala

The mandala above is from my small collection of Tibetan Art. I bought it some years ago from a Tibetan shop in Puttaparthi. This Mandala took three months to paint. Although it is Tibe…

surya mandala

Surya Mandala Artist/maker unknown, Nepalese Geography: Made in Nepal, Asia Date: c. Medium: Opaque watercolor on paper Dimensions: 18 x 20 inches x cm)

Mandala: Sacred Circle in Tibetan Buddhism. Michael C. Carlos Museum, Emory University.

Carlos Museum, Emory, Atlanta Mandala: Sacred Circle in Tibetan Buddhism January 2012

Tibetan Buddhist thangka painting of a mandala.19th century.

mandala of the six chakravartins - tibetan buddhist thangka painting - anon tibetan - # Thangka

Buddha and Disciples West Tibet 14th c.

Tibetan Buddhist Thangka of Buddha and Disciples, West Tibet, Century

Chakrasamvara Mandala, Nepal, 1100-1199, Metropolitan Museum of Art. One of the oldest mandala paintings on cloth known to exist. It is very detailed with figures, many doing forms of tantric yoga and dance.

Chakrasamvara Tibetan Buddhist mandala thangka, Nepal, One of the oldest mandala paintings on cloth known to exist.

This portrait was created for the Riwoche Monastery in eastern Tibet, a branch of the Taklung Monastery, and is intended to invoke the spiritual lineage of the two monasteries. The central figure is not directly named; however, the name Jnanatapa, denoting a famous Indian mahasiddha (a “great perfected one,” one of the spiritual fathers of Tantric Buddhism), appears on a veil attached to the painting, and the deity presiding above the central figure is identified as Avagarbha

heracliteanfire: Portrait of Jnanatapa Surrounded by Lamas and Mahasiddhas. Tibet (Riwoche Monastery), ca. 1350 (via The Metropolitan Museum of Art, New York)

Thangka raffigurante Brahma A Thangka depicting Brahma

Tibetan Buddhist Thangka of Namgyalma (Ushnishavijaya) Long-Life Deity