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a piano with the statue of liberty in the background and text that reads, rhapsody in blue gerswin
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Rhapsody in Blue. This is by far my all-time #1 favorite song, though I do prefer the recording of it being performed in London in the 1970's with Leonard Bernstein as director and pianomaster.
an antique piano is on display against a white background
Steinway Limited Edition Pianos | Steinway & Sons - Steinway & Sons
William E. Steinway
a red musical note with the words special week on it
ピアノデュオotohana ‐ otohana piano duo
otohana piano duo♡
two women sitting at a piano surrounded by pearls
ピアノデュオotohana ‐ otohana piano duo
otohana piano duo♡
two young women are posing for a photo together in front of a white wall and one is looking at the camera
YouTube FINALE -otohana ¥250 / $1.29 #music #musica #musique #musik #piano #itunes #instrumental Hello  -otohana   ¥250 / $1.29   #music #musica #musique #musik #piano #itunes #instrumental Videos, Itunes
YouTube Hello -otohana ¥250 / $1.29 #music #musica #musique #musik #piano #itunes #instrumental
two young women are posing for a photo with the words bonnie nutt above them
Bonne Nuit! ~おやすみ!-oyasumi-single/id957606271?ign-mpt=uo%3D10 Bonne Nuit! -otohana ¥250 / $1.29 #music #musica #musique #musik #piano #itunes #instrumental
two young women are posing for a photo with the words bonnie nutt above them
Bonne Nuit! -otohana ¥250 / $1.29 #music #musica #musique #musik #piano #itunes #instrumental
a metal sculpture with musical instruments on it
Jazz Rock/Fusion, a progressive rock music sub-genre
Jazz Rock/Fusion is jazz that is strongly influenced by other styles of music. There is American tendency to freely interchange Jazz Rock and Jazz Fusion.The roots can be traced back to RnB influenced soul-jazz artists such as Les McCann and young British jazzers such as Graham Bond who were forced to use electronic instruments because the local club's acoustic instruments were reserved for the older more established jazz musicians.
two people are playing instruments in an empty room, one is standing and the other is sitting
1966: Catherine Deneuve & Francoise Dorléac on the set of Les demoiselles de Rochefort
a man is playing the piano in black and white
Bill Evans Photos (19 of 40) |
Bill Evans: One of the most influential and tragic figures of the post-bop jazz piano, was supremely talented but painfully self-effacing. He transformed the very sound of jazz piano, and influenced a generation of great jazz artists. He remains a monumental model for jazz piano students everywhere.
a woman with blonde hair holding a glass in front of her face
Rah Band - Clouds across the moon - 1985
remeber calling mars... Rah Band - Clouds across the moon - 1985
there is a stair case made out of rocks
Play a note...
the movie poster for vivre savie with two women and one man in black
Michel Legrand/Vivre Sa Vie  ミシェル・ルグラン/女と男のいる舗道
▶ Michel Legrand/Vivre Sa Vie ミシェル・ルグラン/女と男のいる舗道 - YouTube
two women with hats on their heads and one is wearing a white dress while the other wears a pink hat
"Les demoiselles de Rochefort"
a white piano sitting in front of a wooden wall
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Beautiful, perfect, white peace of art which plays magic
a blue piano sitting in front of a wall with plates on it
I think you have to have right walls to have that .Cause I love it , but it would clash with our house.
three men are sitting at a piano and one is pointing to something on the table
Hal David, R.I.P.
burt bacharach, hal david & dionne warwick ♥
some people are playing guitars and singing in a room with other people standing around them
▶ Sweet Soul Revue - Pizzicato Five - YouTube
a close up of a woman's face with blue eyes
takako minekawa
Fantastic Cat / Takako Minekawa
a woman wearing a hat and scarf with the words ybnc on it's forehead
U-MV053 - Pizzicato 5 - Twiggy Twiggy
black and white photograph of a woman with glasses
GOOD MORNING WORLD / カヒミ・カリィ【Official Music Video】
▶ GOOD MORNING WORLD(M.V.) / カヒミ・カリィ - YouTube
a woman holding a stuffed animal in her hands
Candyman / Kahimi Karie
two young boys in red shirts and ties standing next to each other
Pizzicato Five - 悲しい歌
two young women are posing for a photo with the words bonnie nutt above them
Our original tune♡ Available on iTunes!!
there is a set of stairs made out of piano keys on the bottom and bottom
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Piano staircase. Josh and I will most likely do something like this when we get our first home. :)
a blue piano with the words pastel on it in front of a white wall
How to Paint a Piano with Chalkpaint
DIY Projects - How to paint a piano with chalkpaint... Cuteness!
a flock of birds flying over a piano keyboard with the words bleave art added to it
Music, Fly me to the Sky. 23/8