The Cutest Miniature Food

Miniature food techlovedesign: The Cutest Miniature Food - I love this! Wonder how much of it I could make.

food packages

box vox looks at dollhouse packaging — miniature consumer goods for miniature consumers?


green and white teapot polymer clay and acrylic paint - need to make this for Chris as a necklace

White House Christmas

White House Christmas ------ (jt-love that miniature Christmas tree centre stage, would like closer look) beautiful miniature creatrions


OMG ,I have to have an accordion somewhere in the doll house.My father could play an accordion.I miss the old bird.

Miniature Food

Not quite sure what the green stuff is - green tea soba? - but the meat is almost certainly tonkatsu.


Barbie Stereo Record Player Jewelry Box by Musica Echo Brand (Japan), with Re-ment Miniature Record Players