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Welcome to the Scorch

Thomas & Ki- Thomas looks like he doesn´t like all the mobile phones on the table

Welcome to the Scorch!

Welcome to the Scorch!


Pinner before: Love Kid Loki I believe this is one of the best things to happen to this character. I love the Thor big brother to Kid Loki relationship

By turever @  "Drown Thor.  Let the Darkness win."  Now that I think about it, this is probably what Thor was imagining in his head when Loki did this; a kind, loving little brother cajoling him further and further into the darkness...wheeeeeeeeee...

I'll be there with you when this darkness ends.

Title is called: Jealousy. If it makes you feel better, Loki, Sif's jealous of you too.

Eh, don't worry about Loki, Thor doesn't ever fall for Sif, like EVER. Sif's just going to be left with horse face

Animal Avengers 2 by ~Mushstone on deviantART

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