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an intricately designed piece of art made out of green thread and buttons on a black background
an animal made out of colored paper with circles on it's face and head
a christmas tree made out of paper on top of a white sheet with gold beads
a person holding up a book with flowers on it and scissors next to it,
It took me almost one month to make 9 paper quilling wild flowers.
My paper quilling wild flowers project - It took me a month to complete! How to make art! - YouTube
Cute Paper Crafts Tutorial - Easy Quilling Tree & Leaf With a Hairbrush, Home Decor
a green and white paper snowflake sitting on top of a sheet of paper
a hand holding an origami snowflake in a white box with green accents
a paper snowflake ornament hanging from a christmas tree
a white paper snowflake sitting on top of a brown cloth covered tablecloth
an old piece of cloth has been stitched together to make a patchwork wall hanging
Flower & Field Gatefold Card Tutorial
Quilling a tight coil is easier with a drop of water Quilling Patterns Tutorials, Quilling Flowers Tutorial, Quiling Paper, Quilling Videos, Quilling Pattern
Quilling Tight Coil - Add Water
5 ways to make quilling circle template Paper Strips
How to Make Quilling Circle Template Board - 5 DIY Ideas - FREE PDF Download
Quillers can buy circle templates, but they all have pros and cons. So I designed my own. Download my free template and watch the tutorial to make your own template.
Quilling, letters, tutorial, template, pattern Quilling Butterfly, Quilling Letters, Simple Snowflake, Hobby Ideas, Paper Quilling Designs
I get inspired by phrases. Added a floral wreath and now it's ready for framing.