Tomoyuki Nakashima

Tomoyuki Nakashima

JPN / fine artist
Tomoyuki Nakashima
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vietnam war#7

An angel heralds a Marine’s approaching December 1968 departure as he patrols near the DMZ, 1968 (Cpl.

vietnam war#5

Troops in Vietnam found a way to express themselves When I arrived in Vietnam in March of one of the first things ‘Uncle Sam’ issued to me was a steel pot; the military called it …

vietnam war#4

A Marine at Con Thien wears his faith, alongside earthly goods, on his helmet. September/October “To every Marine on that hilltop the Lord always seemed nearby.” War Without Heroes, Photo by David Douglas Duncan

vietnam war#3

A member of the Marines decorated both his helmet and his flack jacket (GYSGT Gus Apsitis/Marine Corps/National Archives).

vietnam war#2

13 Oct Con Thien, South Vietnam — Humor Under Fire. Con Thien, South Vietnam: At the forward Marine artillery base here which has been mercilessly pounded by North Vietnamese big guns, Cpl.

Speak Low - YouTube

Trio - Alone Together Personnel: Walter Bishop, Jr. (piano), Jimmy Garrison (bass), G. Hogan (drums) from the album 'SPEAK LOW' (Jazztime Records)

maki asakawa 浅川マキさん「町の酒場で」 - YouTube

maki asakawa 浅川マキさん「町の酒場で」 - YouTube