New 'Kimono Hime' style of wearing kimono

Not only do modern kimono warriors shun white undercollars & sox, they sometimes even layer on frilly Western pieces to add a little spice.


【画像 4/5】伊勢丹×東京デザイナー今年は女の浴衣、ミナやファセッタズムとコラボ

thekimonogallery:      “Kimono Times”, October, 2012 edition

tsmskimonoyokubo: “ thekimonogallery: “ “Kimono Times”, October, 2012 edition ” Wooo i like that Serpent Scale pattern obi!


ホントに素人?! オモ族のファッションが独創的でレベル高すぎて信じがたいレベル

Painted faces, scarred bodies, wooden guns and extravagant headdresses: Amazing photographs reveal the lost world of the Omo tribes of Ethiopia

かわいい&簡単!オリジナルワッペンの作り方まとめ| iemo[イエモ]

Geometric gem brooch set hand embroidered in blues and oranges perfect for Valentine's Day.

【たっぷり半襟】 : 【着物】たっぷり半襟の着こなしまとめ【大正ロマン】 - NAVER まとめ

【たっぷり半襟】 : 【着物】たっぷり半襟の着こなしまとめ【大正ロマン】 - NAVER まとめ


ホントに素人?! オモ族のファッションが独創的でレベル高すぎて信じがたいレベル

This youngster sports a floral headdress and a brightly painted face. Photos of lower Omo Valley people taken by Hans Silvester from his book: Natural Fashion: Tribal Decoration from Africa. Published by Thames and Hudson


ホントに素人?! オモ族のファッションが独創的でレベル高すぎて信じがたいレベル

Surma and Mursi body art Omo Valley, East Africa Photo by Hans Silvester from the book "Natural Fashion: Tribal Decoration from Africa"


ホントに素人?! オモ族のファッションが独創的でレベル高すぎて信じがたいレベル

These are from a book by photographer, Hans Silvester: Natural Fashion, Tribal Decoration from Africa. Published by Thames & Hudson. They are from the Surma and Musi tribes of the Omo Valley in East Africa.