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Garden Loft Wedding with an amazing Floral Installation


How to Grow an Avocado Plant Tutorial from Lebenslustiger. I’m sure many of you have tried this - it’s so easy and all you need is an avocado pit, toothpicks, water and a container.

Etsy の Plant a garden pendant light by GlassandbrassCo, $165.00

[ Babylon suspended garden light fixture by Ryan Taylor ] . I just saw this done in a local Vintage shop. The one I saw was far more " old-timey " though. I love this idea!

帝錦 Euphorbia lactea variegata White Ghost ユーフォルビア ホワイトゴースト

帝錦 Euphorbia lactea variegata White Ghost ユーフォルビア ホワイトゴースト