Winterzeit - Marta Szabo - Bouncy Winter Snowmen - no instructions but looks like made from polystyrene balls, pipe cleaners and card. Not sure what the red nose is made from

Simple Christmas Craft ideas for kids. Snowman, Clay Pots, Wooden, Christian and Bible Theme, Angel crafts and so much more. Fun Kids craft ideas perfect for the holidays and your party ideas too.



DIY- A Handful of Snowmen~ Make this with a glove. Just stuff and decorate a white glove then stick in a clay pot, mug or teacup. Put pulled cotton all around for snow.

『木と紙のゆきだるまオーナメント』をつくろう! | くふうのたまご

『木と紙のゆきだるまオーナメント』をつくろう! | くふうのたまご