Great Tips on how to mend clothes in cute and clever ways! You can even sew a torn toy using these tips ^ ^

Well-Mended Wardrobe - great tips on mending clothes in cute ways. Love this jeans patch idea . it'll save those expensive ripped jeans my girls wear that end up with holes that are too big or too inappropriately placed to wear to school anymore ;

C'est beau - Les surprises de Fifi Mandirac

C'est beau

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The needle used a binding stylus for the yarn and an embroidery needle with the tip turned back. It is convenient for picking thread.

Rita Smirna: Tapas bordadas para Mapas de Buenos Aires

Embroidered Buenos Aires map for travel guide cover. By Rita Smirna. Would you like to embroidery your city?

Broidery artist Rita Smirna

Visible-mending inspiration - Rita Smirna, embroidered map of Buenos Aires