Love the idea of having an ironing board on wheels

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Take a IKEA kitchen island and attach an ironing board. Think I could take the baby changing table and attach the ironing board!

We really need a bench like this in our new apartment, but we have neither the space nor the tools to make this exactly; pinning for appearance inspiration on a simpler, cheaper option and for possible future use.

Dave Tells Us How to Build a Bench with Shoe Storage -

I especially like the personal shoe storage under the bench I hate the shoes all over the floor in our house currently. DIY Foyer Bench and Coat Rack.tutorial including cut list and plans for bench with shoe storage

mtokさんの、部屋全体,IKEA,床,イームズ,ソファ,クッション,ラグ,星,unico,セリア,ペンダントライト,キッチンカウンター,コーヒーテーブル,ダルトン,VIRCO,いなざうるす屋さん,スター,楽天で買ったもの,ART WORK STUDIO,ヘリンボーンの床,のお部屋写真

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mtokさんの、部屋全体,IKEA,床,イームズ,ソファ,クッション,ラグ,星,unico,セリア,ペンダントライト,キッチンカウンター,コーヒーテーブル,ダルトン,VIRCO,いなざうるす屋さん,スター,楽天で買ったもの,ART WORK STUDIO,ヘリンボーンの床,のお部屋写真

outdoor table made from cinder blocks and stained pine wood. nice ambience using the votive candles #DIY shelves + cinder block

outdoor table made from cinder blocks and stained pine wood. nice ambience using the votive candles DIY shelves + cinder block

どうやって収納してる?海外のリビングダイニング20の方法 | iemo[イエモ]

Storage Solutions for Small Spaces : Apartment Living I've always loved the idea of wrapping the couch in bookcases to create storage and a sleeker anchor point for the rest of the room.


Need to open up your living room? Here's some pro-tips on making your rooms look bigger than they are!

Dining nook with banquet and rustic light wood table

Live Edge Dining Table for your dining room inspiration. In this article also you can make DIY Live Edge Dining Table reduce your cost.

Pantry 645x973

I love the idea of the pantry tucked up under the stair case. Lots of extra storage space. Shawna's Glamorous Custom Kitchen The walk in pantry is tucked into the staircase, complete with a custom made baking cart to shuttle ingredients back and forth!


Not that I have an empty closet, but i do like this."Closet Office" - Turn your un-used closet/reading nook into an office space. Maximize the little space with lots of shelving and storage *LIKE CORNER DESK/nook & shelving for office corner




Crates (sold at Michaels), stained and nailed together to make a coffee table. NOT paying that much when I can make it Crates (sold at Michaels), stained and nailed together…