Lettered walkway at Gardens of the World Berlin. Photo by Stefan Müller.

idea for a lampvjeranski: The Written Garden in Berlin’s Gardens of the World by Agency xplicit GmbHjoan mitchell Untitled, 1970

The project, by Peter Pichler A geometrical pattern, of Arab inspiration, was generated and applied to 36 water-cutted aluminium panels in the facade, used as sunshading elements and furthermore preventing against incursion. It gradually changes and goes from an open thin structure to an almost closed surface, evoking a new interpretation of the classic arabic “linear” pattern. the “mashrabiyah” effect indeed

Casa Puglia / Peter Pichler

-metal screen- Architect Peter Pichler has converted an existing century farmhouse into a family home in Puglia, Italy, adding these perforated shutters over its facade.

Imagem 2 de 37 da galeria de Casa Branca / Studio MK27 - Marcio Kogan + Eduardo Chalabi. Fotografia de Fernando Guerra | FG+SG

Galeria de Casa Branca / Studio MK27 - Marcio Kogan + Eduardo Chalabi - 2


Sale Gallery / Exterior This project is for local Thai developer, Magnolia, and responds to changing market conditions in Thailand.

障子(引き戸) [リビング障子(全10種/三つ組手・麻の葉チラシ・三種チラシ・三種オビ・麻の葉・胡麻・桜・麻の葉ベタ・重ねりんどう・三種組分け)]

障子(引き戸) [リビング障子(全10種/三つ組手・麻の葉チラシ・三種チラシ・三種オビ・麻の葉・胡麻・桜・麻の葉ベタ・重ねりんどう・三種組分け)]

Door Art--Sejong Cultural Center in Seoul Korea

When a wall don`t need a wallpaper Sejong Cultural Center in Seoul. Wall features traditional decorative motifs that appear in textiles and architecture.


Japanese Woodworking, Wood Joinery, Japanese Patterns, Cool Art, Wood Work, Pattern Design, Pattern Library, Content, Japanese Joinery

trade center for i principi d'italia by mdu architetti

trade center for i principi d'italia by MDU architetti

for the italian trade center 'i principi d'italia', MDU architetti sought to make manifest the tectonic complexities of venetian architecture within the dense urbanity of china.