This DIY Sofa Table Behind Built In Outlets Allows You Plug In Your Electronics Easily.

20 Great Ways to Make Use Of The Space Behind Couch For Extra Storage And Visual Depth

""This DIY Sofa Table Behind Built In Outlets Allows You Plug In Your Electronics Easily."" Good idea but I would place the plug on the side so not to see the electrical wires above the table.


Is it a hot tub or a bath tub? I want it. (Previous pinner said: Blue tile bath)


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all wood cabinets. I like the wood color and the two level center island KITCHEN - Authentic mid century timber kitchen.

bedroom. clothes rack. If only I had less stuff so this would actually look nice.


The Suspended Clothing Rack Today we are having a look at a solution to a reoccurring issue in a lot small homes, lack of closet space. The idea of suspending your clothing rack is to create that much.


In one house, a small kitchen features a cupboard with sliding shoji screens. Furniture designer George Nakashima’s home as featured in the book “Artist’s Handmade Houses”

I would love a Japanese-style bathroom, just like this!

History and Design of the Bathroom Part 6: Learning from the Japanese

ブリッジを渡ると、おとな部屋: モノスタ’70が手掛けたオリジナル多目的室です。