Omg. . .KILL IT (」゚ロ゚)」

I will use this to help me create a trampoline movement in my gif. I will look at how the trampoline stretches when the person jumps down onto it and retracts when the person jumps upwards.

((I found a new thing to try!!!))

Everyone needs to try this before they die

Yoga in real life. | Exercising On Instagram Vs. Exercising In Real Life

Exercising On Instagram Vs. Exercising In Real Life

Yoga is a practice, not a perfect, so there's always something to enjoy about hilarious yoga fails. They're a great reminder to not be too serious!


"Stop right there" the police officer tells the man on the motorcycle." The man on the motorcycle replies while giving the police officer a high five. lol love this! I love his partners laugh too!

Funny and Relatable! (gif)


Or before the Christmas play at church.*breaks leg from bouncing it nervously* <--- Nice, Liv. still true!

Treadmill Goldfish Challenge [gif]

Treadmill and Goldfishes…

Funny pictures about Treadmill and Goldfishes. Oh, and cool pics about Treadmill and Goldfishes. Also, Treadmill and Goldfishes.

Or this.

29 Ways Your Life Could Be A Million Times Worse

Funny pictures about Sticky floor prank. Oh, and cool pics about Sticky floor prank. Also, Sticky floor prank.

How do u do this?!?!

Even Trump is offended by this

GIF: Funny Dog - Ok as much as I'm going to agree on how messed up it is for this poor dog to be missing it's front limbs, I have to admit that this is fucking hilarious.

Funny pictures about Jazz Hands. Oh, and cool pics about Jazz Hands. Also, Jazz Hands.