Solar Oven Made From a Pizza Box

This worked great at camp. Try to find a box deeper than the regular pizza box. Solar S'mores: Make a solar oven with a recycled pizza box lined with aluminum foil. It's a snack and a craft project .

Homemade washing machine. For my off-grid friends.

How A Foot-Powered Washing Machine Could Change Millions Of Lives

How A Foot-Powered Washing Machine Could Change Millions Of Lives by Alex Cabunoc and Ji A You, fastcodesign: GiroDora, designed by two students, is a bucket with a concealed spinning mechanism which washes and partially dries clothes with foot pedal.

How to bug in - how to survive a grid-down disaster

How to Bug-In: How to Survive a Natural Disaster

EcoZoom stoves offers a powerful and efficient outdoor cooking experience that is fueled by wood or biomass. Buy This Best Outdoor Camp Stove Online. Nature is your fuel! Just a handful of sticks can cook an entire meal

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::: Jeep® ActionCamper© - expedition ready slide-on camper - JK Wrangler Unlimited / by Thaler Design ::: One of the best reasons to have a jeep! This thing is awesome, minor mods for the Zombies!

Badeofen. Aus Westfalen 森みわさんオススメ、薪であたためる給湯器。ボディの琺瑯サイコー、シャワーヘッドも水栓もイッツキューーーーーーーーー!!

Badeofen. Aus Westfalen 森みわさんオススメ、薪であたためる給湯器。ボディの琺瑯サイコー、シャワーヘッドも水栓もイッツキューーーーーーーーー!!

BURNING MAN IN JAPAN – 過酷な自然環境と自己表現を共有する集団生活型助け合い野外イベント・バーニングマンが日本上陸

Burning Man Bathroom Beacon The Toilet Bowl is featured 1 minute and 14 seconds in.

シェイクすると発電するパーカッション。SHAKE your power!!

Shake Your Power by Sudha — Kickstarter. I've developed a prototype musical instrument - a percussion shaker - that converts the energy from playing it into electricity. It's called SPARK.

柳宗理 穴あきトング サラダのサーフから、炭の調整までこれ一本!

柳宗理 穴あきトング サラダのサーフから、炭の調整までこれ一本!

牛窓ナチュラルキャンプ 2014  瀬戸内海の島で開かれるキャンプイベント。  水道も電気もなしの完全オフグリッド。

牛窓ナチュラルキャンプ 2014 瀬戸内海の島で開かれるキャンプイベント。 水道も電気もなしの完全オフグリッド。