japan / わたしたち電力が、暮らしが激しく充実してしまう、 「オフグリッドライフ・マガジン」を、はじめました。 そこで紹介するイケてるオフグリッドグッズをここで紹介します。
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EcoVillage at Ithaca

Eco village Ithaca is set to be the largest shared community soon. Interesting how residents have all different jobs and businesses on and off the village.

11 Enlightening Ways to Get More Out of Your Vegetables :: Greatist

Fresh, hand-grown fruits and vegetables from a local farming initiative (CSA) are a treat, but what happens when you get three potatoes, a radish, and a pound of kale? We break down what to do with any and all of your veggies.

Ithaca Hours, the nation's oldest alternative currency.

Hometown Money explains how to start and maintain local paper currency

地域通貨が大成功 グローバル時代に「地元回帰」のドイツ - 朝日新聞社(WEBRONZA)

地域通貨が大成功 グローバル時代に「地元回帰」のドイツ - 朝日新聞社(WEBRONZA)

モッツアレラチーズのつくりかた。Recipe | Homemade Goat's Milk Mozzarella - Weed'em & Reap

Homemade Mozzarella made from FRESH Goat's milk! Hopefully getting our goats soon. The chicken tractor is first, since we have meat chickens waiting

recycled gas bottles, will crack like some Chimineas

Gas Bottle Wood burner/ Log Burner / Chiminea/patio heater/ fire pit/yurt/ in Garden & Patio, Barbecuing & Outdoor Heating, Firepits & Chimeneas

Pot-in-pot Cooler のオシャレ版、ついに!インテリアとしても最適。さりげないオフグリッドライフな贈り物にどうですか?…と思ったのですがこれは非電化な植木の水やりポットでした…でもいい!〜〜〜A Zeer Pot ancient - Tìm với Google

Lessons From The Past: Joey Roth Designs Planter Using Year Old Tech : TreeHugger (water goes in the middle and soil goes around the outside)