U⃚(˯•·̆•˯)U⃚ Play with me? / 全力で邪魔しにくる猫。

Cats don’t care about how productive you need to be. Your time is way better spent paying attention to them.

Joey Ramone

25 Photos of Glamorous Musicians Doing Regular Stuff

Joey Ramone and a really beautiful cat. I think this is my favourite picture of Joey, such a sweet man, and so sad he's gone.

ネコが選択を間違えた瞬間18選 | CuRAZY [クレイジー]

ネコが選択を間違えた瞬間18選 - CuRAZY [クレイジー]

19 Cats Who Made Poor Life Choices You gotta be kitten me. : This cat who dove into a box without thinking through the consequences:


Funny pictures about Babe caught me sleeping. Oh, and cool pics about Babe caught me sleeping. Also, Babe caught me sleeping.

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And this Big Dog who will let you out. - 23 Dogs Who've Out-Dogged Themselves

反省するオランウータン (22 Wordsから)

LOL - funny Orangutan admits he took the last banana! For more funny animal pics and jokes visit www.

Twitterで話題の画像とツイートてんこ盛り - NAVER まとめ

Twitterで話題の画像とツイートてんこ盛り - NAVER まとめ

Ninja Cats

EPIC GALERIE : 30 photos qui prouvent que les chats sont des ninjas !