Beautiful little ones, Japan

Japanese girls in yukata: yukata comfortable cotton kimono decorated with stencil-dyed patterns usually in shades of indigo, worn by Japanese men and women. The yukata was originally designed as a nightgown and for wear in the home after a bath.


Mini As title suggests, not just to capture traditional kimono culture, but to remove as much distractions and left with large pattern/background to make the subject look smaller than appeared.

meigetsu-in temple / kamakura JAPAN

Meigetsu-in temple, Kamakura, Japan: photo by Ichiro Hiura. This is really neat in that it is framed by the window. Just more ideas :)

veiled Sannou Matsuri beauties, Japan

Miko are women in the service of Shinto shrines (at the biennial Sanno Festival in Tokyo).The translation of Miko is “Woman of God” (chosen by, or totally devoted to, the gods), but the closest meaning is “shrine m

Bugaku mask, Japan, 17th century. Wood, carved and lacquered.

century Wood, carved and lacquered. 2430 I Received in 1927 from the Museum of Modern Western Art, Moscow. First publication. The Bugaku theatre has existed in Japan since the century AD.

舞  Dance

Japanese calligraphy Dance (How cute, it actually looks like someone dancing!

Matsuri (festival) Japan.

floating-flowers: “ la-femme-sans-vanille: “ geisha-licious: “ maiko Kyouka ” this. ” The photographer needs an award

Japanese little girl in kimono

This is so beautiful seeing little girls taking in after their Japanese heritage.This is a lovely girl dressed in the traditional Japanese outfit a Kimono with Geta's and the whole lot!

Japanese Noh mask -Aka Hannya- 赤般若 by Ichiyu TERAI, Japan

Japanese Noh mask -Aka Hannya- 赤般若 by Ichiyu TERAI, Japan