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Exploited children in Old Japan. Maiko had been sold as very young girls to geisha houses by poor families, with government backing until prostitution was allowed under US pressure in the Occupation. Japanese Costume, Japanese Kimono, Japanese Girl, Mode Vintage, Vintage Girls, Vintage Children, Japanese Beauty, Asian Beauty, Costume Japonais

Maiko Girls with Dolls 1920s

the sea darkening... oh voices of the wild ducks crying, whirling, white BASHO My thoughts and prayers are with all those affected by the earthquake and tsunami in Japan, 11th March 2011.

Maiko parading for Hassaku - An annual event of Geiko visiting their masters and tea house to show their appreciation with gifts, was held on August 1 in Kyoto, Japan Japanese Geisha, Japanese Beauty, Japanese Kimono, Japanese Art, Karate, All About Japan, Memoirs Of A Geisha, Parasols, Visit Japan

Hassaku '10 #8

Maiko Mamemaru, Mamesome, Mamehana, Mameyuri and ... View On Black

Kamuro 1913 Both her hairstyle and the way her obi (sash) is tied, suggest that she is a Kamuro (child attendant for an Oiran or Tayuu) rather than a Maiko (Apprentice Geisha). Japanese Geisha, Japanese Beauty, Japanese Kimono, Vintage Japanese, Japanese Girl, Japanese History, Japanese Culture, Memoirs Of A Geisha, Turning Japanese

Osaka Minarai 1913

After a lot of consideration, I think that she might be a minarai (watching apprentice) from Osaka, rather than a kamuro (child attendant to a courtesan), as her kanzashi (hair ornaments) are very similar to those worn by Osaka maiko (apprentice geisha) during the Taisho period, and the round kanzashi on her left is typical of Osaka. Her O-tabako-bon hairstyle indicates that she is only about seven or eight years old, too young to be a maiko, as girls usually became a maiko around the age of…

 Tsunagi-dango: The kanzashi worn by junior maiko in Gion Kobu prior to their birthday. It is a small circle made of green beads. Japanese Costume, Japanese Kimono, Japanese Beauty, Asian Beauty, Geisha Art, Geisha Japan, Kyoto Japan, Okinawa Japan, Fleurs Kanzashi

秋彩の夢 #5 | Now and Here

祇園甲部、舞妓 まめ藤さん CAMERA EOS5DMarkⅡ / LENS CAN...

The Kimono Gallery — handa: Festa Japan 2016 a photo from Tokyo,. Cultures Du Monde, World Cultures, Japanese Kimono, Japanese Art, Japanese Beauty, Look Kimono, Kubo And The Two Strings, Japanese Festival, Art Asiatique

Festa Japan 2016 #11, a photo from Tokyo, Kanto |... - handa

Festa Japan 2016 #11, a photo from Tokyo, Kanto | TrekEarth

 She was born in Kyoto, trained in Tokyo, and became a geisha in the Gion district of Kyoto. Her work took her back and forth between Kyoto and Tokyo. She also served as the inspiration for many novels and movies. Geisha Kunst, Geisha Art, Geisha Makeup, Old Pictures, Old Photos, Vintage Photos, Japanese Kimono, Japanese Girl, Japanese Style

昭和を彩るミューズたち おそめの巻 | おで様流


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多麻・多都葉さん、ゆり葉さん お見世出し(祇園甲部) | 花景色-K.W.C. PhotoBlog

春に向けて、舞妓さんのお見世出しが相次ぐ季節です。 1年近く仕込みさん(舞妓になる修行)を経て、この日晴れてデビューを迎えた二人の舞妓さん。 お茶屋「...

 She is a young girl who debuted as Maiko today. (The girls come to Okiya at the age of And after a year of apprenticeship they will make a maiko debut) # kyoto # japan # maiko Kimono Japan, Japanese Kimono, Japanese Fashion, Japanese Girl, Hina Matsuri, Kabuki Costume, Traditional Japanese Art, Art Asiatique, Japanese Characters

中支志・小なみさん お見世出し(祇園甲部) | 花景色-K.W.C. PhotoBlog

祇園甲部に美しい舞妓さんがお見世出し(デビュー)しました。 お茶屋中支志の「小なみ」さんです。 お見世出しの様子、約50枚を一挙アップします(...

Maiko Ayakazu wears an obi decorated with a pine motif in gold and silver during Miyako Odori Geisha Japan, Geisha Art, Japanese Geisha, Japanese Kimono, Kyoto Japan, Okinawa Japan, Japanese Textiles, Japanese Fabric, Traditional Kimono

Tea before the Miyako Odori

Maiko Ayakazu wears an obi decorated with a pine motif in gold and silver. The pine is one of the 'three friends of winter' (along with the plum tree and bamboo), as well as a symbol of of resilience and longevity. The stylised design near the bottom of her obi is the mon or crest of Odamoto okiya, her geiko house.

Darari obi of okiya Yoshifumi (Miyagawacho) Japanese Kimono, Japanese Fashion, Noh Theatre, Japan Spring, Kabuki Costume, Ichimatsu, Japan Photo, Japanese Culture, Traditional Dresses

W A L K : Kyoto

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Geisha) in Fishing Net Kimono and two companions, Japan Vintage Pictures, Old Pictures, Old Photos, Japanese Photography, Old Photography, Japan Shop, Memoirs Of A Geisha, Japanese Kimono, Japanese Hair

Boarding a Boat 1910s

The Geiko (geisha) Komitsu, Maiko (apprentice geisha) Tokiko and another maiko, boarding a boat around 1917.

 Shooting location is Eiunin Temple. Japanese Geisha, Japanese Beauty, Japanese Kimono, Japanese Art, Japanese Uniform, Kabuki Costume, Geisha Art, Memoirs Of A Geisha, Art Japonais

京都の舞妓「とし桃さん(Toshimomo)」写真集~2016年10月16日 - OpenMatome

「黒谷 永運院」(本堂、表門は京都府登録文化財)で『舞妓さん撮影会~写真をオープンデータ化』を開催しました。参加の皆さんからオープンデータとしてご提供いただいた作品の写真集です。とし桃さん自身も写真をチェックされ公開の同意をいただいています。とし桃さんが選ぶ「とし桃賞」が決定しました!

Darari obi of okiya Arai (Gion Kobu) Japanese Geisha, Japanese Kimono, Japanese Colors, Yukata Kimono, Memoirs Of A Geisha, Kyoto Japan, Okinawa Japan, Girl Dancing, Japanese Culture

かにかくに祭(祗園甲部・紗矢佳さん、紗月さん、豆六さん、茉利佳さん) | 花景色-K.W.C. PhotoBlog

11月8日。 祇園白川のかにかくに碑の前で、吉井勇を偲び、かにかくに祭が開催されました。 早朝の祇園白川。 桜紅葉が美しい巽橋を渡り・・・ ...

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Geiko-san & Maiko-san

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