Naruhina Sasusaku Naruto Boruto Kawaii

literally only here for Sakura hauling Sasuke over her shoulder like a little bitch and hinata suplexing Naruto like a littler bitch


NARUTO/ - Zerochan hey I just saw this earlier! Poor Kiba, Akamaru, and Shino. Hinata-chan doesn't love them.

2411047 (1000×1500)

Day If you could be any pokemon, what would you be? Maybe Gardevoir human version gijinka pokemon, gardevoir

amazing-anime-pictures: “ Route 3 by Namie-kun ”

Image d'anime avec pokemon pokemon black and white nintendo touko (pokemon) mei (pokemon) touya (pokemon) ditto audino namie-kun (artist) long hair short hair blue eyes open mouth brown hair smile twintails brown eyes girls sky cloud (clouds)

CSikJF3UsAAbA8w.jpg:large 725×800 ピクセル

CSikJF3UsAAbA8w.jpg:large 725×800 ピクセル