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Using Essential Oils Around Your Pets - #OrganicAromas #EssentialOils #Pets

Using Essential Oils Around Your Pets

As pet owners, we often worry about how the products we use in our homes impact the health and well-being of our pets. Essential oils are natural but we may be worried that the wrong essential oil can trigger a negative reaction in our pets. However, aromatherapy can be just as beneficial to our companion animals as it

How To Make Perfume

How To Make Your Own Fragrances & Perfume

Ever wonder about making unique perfumes and favorite scents? Here's a collection of goodies to get things started. I have a free ebook download as well as a collection of online resources and tips. Enjoy! Here's a 28 page report (pdf) to download, I found this sitting in some long…

fragrance families

If it's worth wearing, it's worth wearing well. Every important scent in pure perfume oil...

The MET Perfumery Book

Scents of Time

Scents of Time book. Read 7 reviews from the world's largest community for readers.

Wake Up

Wake Up

Blend Recipe: 3 drops Peppermint, 3 drops Orange, 2 drops Lime, 2 drops Grapefruit, 2 drops Lemon

oakmoss used as a basenote

Oak Moss Essential Oil: "Beyond Words"

Oak Moss reaches the parts of us that are beyond words, soothes those places, hungers and desires that we can't even explain to others about, comforts deeply and profoundly, brings peace.

How Perfumers Are Trained

How Perfumers Are Trained

The nose, or the perfumer, is not just the creative force behind perfumes. The nose is part chemical genius, part impressionist painter, and part trend-spotter. Noses can take their inspiration from nature or from abstract thoughts. But to train...

The perfect way to get started making your own essential oil blends and natural perfumes.

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Floracopeia provides organic essential oils, aromatherapy products, flower essences, and organic skin care. Our organic essential oils are sustainably produced from a unique network of small farms and projects throughout the world.

Perfume: The Art and Science of Scent by Cathy Newman


Perfume book. Read 7 reviews from the world's largest community for readers. A gorgeously photographed, behind-the-scenes look at a secretive multi-billi...

Perfume-makers   UK

Making scents out of novels

Some people might be sniffy, but I think the idea could really catch on