I love you. I just want you to know, I want to SEAL my fate. This face battle will be the rise or fall of my life. I just can't stand it any more. Know that I will always love you, man who feeds me.




もふもふ - たまそら

A rare white giraffe has been spotted in Tanzania’s Tarangire National Park, and animal lovers are concerned about its welfare.

Rare White Giraffe Photographed in Tanzania

Omo, the 15 month old white Giraffe spotted roaming with the rest of her herd at Tarangire National Park. Omo is leucistic not albino.

Can you believe that it's a mouse? Happy Valentine's Day!! Love you too

Harvest Mouse, Micromys minutus Firstly, thanks to all of you who came up to me over the weekend and said how much you are enjoying th.