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つくばだーがぁ  ·  CS系M1。インタラクションやらの研究をしています。時空間的局所性の高いツイートでお送りしております。
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Moonlight hug pillow /M-size, NOCTURN BY MOONLIGHT ( glow in the dark moon pillow )

Moonlight hug pillow ( glow in the dark pillow ) - Nocturne by Moonlight (Glow-in-the-dark Cushion) Nocturne by Moonlight is a full Moon shaped cushion which glows in the dark like the real moonlight. As it gets dark, the Nocturne by Moonligh.

Mine Kafon | Callum Cooper by Focus Forward Films. THE MINE KAFON is a Semifinalist in the $200,000 FOCUS FORWARD Filmmaker Competition and is in the running to become the $100,000 Grand Prize Winner. It could also be named an Audience Favorite if it's among the ten that receives the most votes. If you love it, vote for it. Click on the VOTE button in the top right corner of the video player. Note that voting may not be available on all mobile platforms, and browser cookies must be enabled…

Mine Kafon by Callum Cooper and Focus Forward Films. A short documentary portrait on designer Massoud Hassani, who has created a low-cost wind-powered mine detonator with the appearance of a giant, spiky-armed tumbleweed.

1 | Floating Plastic Membranes Invite You To Walk On Air | Co.Design: business + innovation + design

In eight keywords, Argentinian artist Tomás Saraceno discusses the ideas behind On Space Time Foam, his new installation at HangarBicocca which offers a radical bodily experience 25 metres above the ground.

6 | This Nifty Machine Makes Furniture Using Thread Instead Of Screws | Co.Design: business + innovation + design

The Thread Wrapping Machine by Swedish-Chilean designer Anton Alvarez is a tool to join different types of material with only a glue-coated thread to bond it

反転リンゴ | Apples

Apples by Takahashi Chisa Maybe . after taking type (in absentia .) apples in the plaster, and art products that you depict the skin with acrylic paint.

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1 | An Inside Look At Art-School Studios Around The World | Co.Design: business + innovation + design

An Inside Look At Art-School Studios Photographer Leonora Hamill has traveled the world capturing quiet moments at art schools for her Art in Progress series.