This work space is simple, colorful, and comfortable. What do you think? #interiordesign #office

MEXX International Design Centre, Amsterdam Sevil Peach Gence Associates, From Interior Architecture Now Book By Jennifer Hudson p.


Its like an inversion of Yunha's final. Also at a much, much smaller scale. I really like the materials of the main structure and how the interior space of one leg spills on the roof terrace of the other lower leg.

Lawn roof

Filip Dujardin is architectural photographer and artist. Dujardin began as a professional architectural photographer before turning to art in creating virtual.

Tynan Freeman // Illustrating space as opposed to constructed mass

- ARCHITECTURAL SCALE ********************** [Tynan Freeman // Illustrating space as opposed to constructed mass simplicity of drawing is effective

Bercy Chen Studio have designed the Edgeland Residence on the shores of the Colorado River.

Edgeland House By Bercy Chen Studio LP (Austin Tx.) Edgeland Residence is located on a rehabilitated brownfield site and is a modern re‐interpretation of one of the oldest housing typologies in North America, the Native American Pit House.