Ochanomizu (御茶ノ水)

"This is an iconic view of Ochanomizu (御茶ノ水) station in Tokyo, looking towards Akihabara, where occasionally you can see trains from the Marunouchi Subway line (bottom left), Chuo Rapid (middle) and Sobu Local (top) crossing each other at the same time.

鎌倉デートならココに行こう!10の定番デートスポットをご紹介します - Find Travel

鎌倉デートならココに行こう!10の定番デートスポットをご紹介します - Find Travel



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【東京都内】テラス席でおしゃれ&のんびりカフェデート|MERY [メリー]

The terrace at Two Rooms Grill Bar serves some of the best Sunday brunches in Tokyo, with great cocktails.



Hands down the best coffee whilst we visited Kyoto //Arabica Coffee Roaster & Farm Kyoto great crew too very welcoming!

スタバ好き必見!日本が世界に誇る「美し過ぎるスタバ」13選 - Find Travel

スタバ好き必見!日本が世界に誇る「美し過ぎるスタバ」13選 - Find Travel