Gold Foil Stationery by Turnstyle

Gorgeous Gold Foil Stationery by Turnstyle

花のしごと 名刺デザイン ---------------- 花のしごと,這種說法太可愛了 <3

花のしごと 名刺デザイン ---------------- 花のしごと,這種說法太可愛了 <3

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Really interesting, especially because it's not a real character! It's a combination of 黑 and 马 (black and horse). combine 2 word together

Chinese Calligraphy on a Pawn Ticket

jpg Beautiful Chinese calligraphy, even on a pawn ticket for a pocket watch. In the most small Hong Kong shopkeepers still used an abacus for calculations, and a brush rather than a pen for their accounts and receipts