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蝶結びができなくても大丈夫!ぶきっちょさんのリボンラッピング – プレゼント小ネタ帳

How to tie the perfect bow.a handy thing to know for card embellishment (perfect timing for my baby shower thank you gifts :)


vintage japanese ad From JJ: again, sort of a play on the city skyline. I like the starry background.feels retro Vegas like

1. 1本のリボンで作る簡単リボンモチーフ - バレッタの作り方と可愛いバレッタアイデア13選【髪を彩る手作りヘアアクセ②】 (2ページ目)|cuta [キュータ]

Discover thousands of images about Purple hair bow making instructions. Also good for gift wrap idea and in other DIY crafts and home decor projects. instructions are all by the images only

藤田弓子 Fijita Yumiko : Kako Auto Beam flash, 1970

Camera Ad - have no idea what a Kako is/was, but Pinned because my fave late color is Polaroid yellow. It's like they chose it to convince people that everything is going to be OK.