I'm Alex. Im sixteen. I love music, anime, cosplay, and reading. Im sassy but kind of quite. Not a big people person. Im single too. So thats me. Bye.

What's Your Perfect Bob?

UK celebrity stylist shows us the haircut of the season: the bob. The Girl: “Alexa Chung – this is the classic cut I do for her.” For: “The woman who wants to embrace trends but not too dramatically – it’s still a classic and suits all ages.

MINIMAL + CLASSIC: side swept bob | Mango

Tips for Styling Short Hair

Trendy hairstyles for short and medium haircut! 25 Easy Hairstyles for SHORT and medium Hair pixie haircut tutorial, how to cut hair, how to cut women's hair.

Messy up do

Wedding Makeup And Hairstyle Inspiration From Celebrities Brides. Chignon Hairstyles Updo Chignon Hairstyles For All Occasions.

* * 二次会ヘア♡ * お団子ヘアに チュールと生花を あしらって♡ * * #ヘアアレンジ #ウェディング #コーデ #マリhair

* * 二次会ヘア♡ * お団子ヘアに チュールと生花を あしらって♡ * * #ヘアアレンジ #ウェディング #コーデ #マリhair

難しいことをする必要なし。ゴム2本とピン1本でつくる大人ポニーテール講座 | by.S


難しいことをする必要なし。ゴム2本とピン1本でつくる大人ポニーテール講座 | by.S



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