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London  ·  ; HKG|SYD|LDN #Infj 19. Fashion Design, Istituto Marangoni. Just a sad girl learning to make art in an attempt to escape reality प्यार फैलाओ #Morelove

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Kim Thittichai- cellophane , hand painting and heat gun

Kim's Hot Textiles: Extreme Surfaces for Stitch - West Dean College July 17 - 20 Everything you can do with Tyvec you can do with cellophane. Use some of the rolls you bought from Steve Johnstone.

somehow the blurry effect makes the photo entrancing to the eyes but obviously, a city being that you've ventured off from home.

He couldn't handle his feelings well, so he ran away from them. Both figuratively and literally. She was trying to catch up to him, to explain things to him, but he was too fast for her. And even if she did catch up to him, he wouldn't listen.

"I scramble down the sidewalk, searching for somewhere to hide, somewhere to find safety.