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I am in complete awe of Australian artist Lisa Rodden. I would never ever ever be able to create work with such insane precision {especially those last two geometric pieces! And so, on this fine Monday morning, I must reiterate… whoa.

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This idea is perfect for a dynamic display of small jewelry items with a very modern feel. They could even transport inside of one another. Large triangles on the back wall of your booth could continue with modern motif.



“Chocolatexture: chocolate directly named after Japanese expressions used to describe texture designed by Nendo for Maison et Objet 2015 “Cocoa’s country of origin, kind, percentage content, technique of the chocolatier’s, the flavours.


The neutral tones in this photograph is appealing and works well with the clean edges of the product. I like how the background contrasts the foreground so you're able to see the sides and edges.

詰め合わせ一覧 - san-grams online shop サングラムオンラインショップ

詰め合わせ一覧 - san-grams online shop サングラムオンラインショップ

Cubic Rubber-band Assertively three-dimensional rubber bands. The geometrical…

cubic rubber-band

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