I love these bottles! Although they aren't the same with shapes, the designer has done well to keep everything working together as a series with keeping the same style label and also bottle tops. What I love is that the bottles look a lot like water drips which really match with what they are selling - water. I would like to have similar shape bottles with my design.

一見シンプル。実は凝りまくり。 いいなぁ、こういうの大好き。 curated by grab.co.id

YAMAKA VINEGAR PROJECT via SHIROKURO curated by Packaging Diva PD. 詳細/ビネガー4本セットのパッケージ. Just lovely packaging.

SHIROKURO しろくろ 白黒 -福岡市と北九州市で、グラフィックデザイン制作を中心としたデザインオフィスです-