substitute brown paper bags

soap on a rope - hole in the middle of the soap and put a rope all the way through and tie on bottom - knot holds it in place substitute brown paper bags

菊水酒造 ヨーグルトのお酒


Logotype and print with gold foil detail designed by Here for Soho restaurant The Palomar

New Brand Identity for The Palomar by Here - BP&O

The Palomar Restaurant brand identity by Here Design. Inspired by the golden age of travel, the branding for The Palomar restaurant conjures romantic and nostalgic feelings of bygone days, of somewhere in the eastern Mediterranean.

Soap Packaging Design.

Robin's Egg Soap - they're not parrot eggs, but egg soaps are still a cool gift idea for any bird lover :)

prettiest beer can design ever! / yoho brewing

Japanese Beer - The YO-HO Brewing Company has released a new Japanese beer label called ‘Sorry’ which features a freshly attractive design on its cans.

Time for an update about my Japanese Packaging Design column on SNOW ...

Time for an update about my Japanese Packaging Design column on SNOW Magazine : Discover the amazing bilingual Script on Ippodo Tea Packa.

Japanese food packaging by Akaoni

Japanese food packaging by Akaoni

Japanese Packaging Design  It is so interesting to see packaging design from other countries. I came across this lovely packaging design from Japan. Amazingly enough some of the same hand stamped design trends we are seeing here in the U.S.

Great packaging--ONUMA HONEY designed by the Japanese in Yamagata Prefecture akaoni design company.