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I broke down and started a board of cats in art and illustration. My apologies.
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Steampunk Cat by innazimovec | Redbubble


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Maggie Vandewalle

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Kazuaki Horitomo Kitamura

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"Stone Wall" by Donna Mibus
"Mini Gravel Art with Brick Wall" by Donna Mibus: From the Mid Century Modern Room Series // Buy prints, posters, canvas and framed wall art directly from thousands of independent working artists at

Donna Mibus

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相册详情:岡本 肇(Okamoto Hajime) - 豆瓣
相册详情:岡本 肇(Okamoto Hajime) - 豆瓣

岡本肇(Okamoto Hajime)

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Susan Herbert's Pre-Raphaelite Cats
Susan Herbert
Susan Herbert

Susan Herbert

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Jetoy Kittenz - Romantic Card 018

Choo Choo (Jetoy)

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Portrait of a sleeping girl with a songbird beside her while a cat waits to pounce! Note the blue ribbon that is possibly tied about the bird's leg to stop it flying away. There is real tension in this painting - you want the girl to wake up and the bird to escape its fate!  by Jean François Colson, 1759, Musée des Beaux Arts de Dijon
Thomas Gainsborough - Miss Brummell ~ ca. 1781
Henriette Ronner-Knip (1821-1909)  Best Friends  Oil on canvas    45.7 x 62.2 cm  (17.99" x 24.49")  Private collection

European Paintings

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Pablo Picasso, Vallauris, 1954
Devant La Fenetre, 1978 Boubat, women and cats
Steampunk Tendencies


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a man standing next to a giant black cat on top of a wooden floor in front of a city
a painting of a cat peeking out from behind some trees in the water with a kayak nearby
Japanese Illustrator Imagines A World Where Humans Live Among Giant Animals (30 Pics)
This Japanese Illustrator Gives Life To Giant Animals
a giant cat standing in the middle of a field with flowers on it's side
もの久保:画集『ねなしがみ』発売中 on X
a large black cat standing on top of a sandy beach next to the ocean,
もの久保:画集『ねなしがみ』発売中 on Twitter
a man standing on top of a bridge next to a giant black bear in the air
ARTIST MONOKUBO - Thế giới diệu kì trong các tác phẩm của monokubo
#art #animal #monokubo his ins : monokubo