@Joanne Hunter Hines Speaking of vending machines, I'm sure you've seen this one - spectacular! Makes me want to go to Japan just to try it out!

Ice Cream display in Japan---A Japanese ice-cream vending machine! with crazy flavors such as purple sweet potato, almond jelly, pudding, lavender, and “full maturity melon.

Panda bus! Only in Japan

The free panda bus named ‘Ning Ning’ runs in the Asakusa Temple district in Tokyo connecting the Asakusa Hanayashiki amusement park to the water bus stop by the Azumabashi Bridge on the Sumida River.

只做一半,不放大图 [&nb-长...@浣熊干脆面采集到字体设计(139图)_花瓣平面设计

Chỉ có một nửa, không phải là một hình phóng lớn của [& nb- Trường An Bắc Kinh


I like the simple color of this example. What catchs my eye, is the proper arrangement of all the elements (at least for the asian region).

Japanese Poster: The Paper. Tadanori Yokoo. 1967. - Gurafiku: Japanese Graphic Design

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