Akihiro Nomura

Akihiro Nomura

Tokyo / ハマると、抜けられない、何事も /モータースポーツ/釣り/手品/海外ドラマ/フットサル/GalaxyS/iPhone/KissX2 web広告会社のエンジニアやってます。 mixi、モバゲーアプリもつくってます。 *情報収集とスクラップ置き場
Akihiro Nomura
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The Carbon Fiber Stormtroopers step out! These engineers from California, take their love for Star Wars and experience with carbon fiber and combine the two.


Hats off to the craftsmanship of these Apex Predator Shoes with soles made of 1050 teeth dentures. We at Anchorage denture clinic, Dentures Alaska, are more pleased when our dentures help someone to regain their lost smile.

ss-14083300 by Moriharu Ohzu via Slideshare

by Moriharu Ohzu via Slideshare