Large gray and white marble subway tile on shower wall and baseboard with a hexagon pattern on the floor.

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Colors and vanity

masculine, modern bath in grey. charcoal + stainless steel + mood lighting + vanities against the window + floor tile

白廁所/長方形磁磚/拼接復古地板 / 復古水龍頭

I like the white tile with the floor pattern - that would let us choose any colors for accent without having it "built in" to the bathroom white beveled subway tile


Powder Room [Study] -Tile Pattern on Water Wall & Shower The Block: Bathrooms and Terrace Kyal and Kara - hexagon on the walls - large tiles on floor and side wall

#トイレ #壁紙 #グレー #アートフレーム gray walls / bathroom

powder room with steel gray walls and white twine pendant over oak hardwood floors - ideas and inspiration for redesign your home and bathroom mid century style or vintage style


Seems like a safe tile option for bathrooms consistent with your look. Hexagon tile dark grout Somertile Victorian Octagon Matte White with White Dot Porcelain.

Hexagonal tiles bathroom


Love this floor! Love that the grout is dark, too, so it doesn't look an awful dirty brown color with wear, which is why I want black grout. Just need a colour for my hexagon tile feature.


Table of Contents: Warm Minimalism

Elizabeth Roberts, entry hall of Fort Greene townhouse, blue and white tile, Remodelista floor tile pattern is pretty

A wall niche for shampoo etc. would be functional and a good opportunity to add an accent tile such as this.

Pretty shower niche using Smoke Glass Arabesque tiles-sometimes a small detail can make all the difference!

トイレ/お食事中の方すみません。/Murchison-Hume/シンプル化…などのインテリア実例 - 2015-03-23 18:00:54 | RoomClip(ルームクリップ)

トイレ/お食事中の方すみません。/Murchison-Hume/シンプル化…などのインテリア実例 -2015-03-23 18:00:54

トイレ/お食事中の方すみません。/Murchison-Hume/シンプル化…などのインテリア実例 - 2015-03-23 18:00:54 | RoomClip(ルームクリップ)


Tile In the master bath, a dowdy tub was replaced with a standing shower designed by Di Ioia and Bédard and manufactured by Linea P International. The wall and floor tiles are by Ceragres, and the sink, tub, and towel rack are by Aqua Mobilier de Bain.

建築家:クロノグラム アーキテクトスタジオ「石と塗り壁の家」


建築家:クロノグラム アーキテクトスタジオ「石と塗り壁の家」

レトロ感がたまらない、最高にお洒落なバスルーム。 | iemo[イエモ] | リフォーム&インテリアまとめ情報

Back splash for kitchen- Style Forecast: Tile Trends for 2014 and Beyond. A mix of colored Arabesque tiles from Fired Earth,

LIXIL | トイレ | トイレ手洗い | キャパシア | 施工イメージ | 0.75坪・手洗器一体型1

LIXIL | トイレ | トイレ手洗い | キャパシア | 施工イメージ | 0.75坪・手洗器一体型1