Fun patio idea for the cracks in between the stones on the pathway to door, I likey! 乱形石張りの隙間に丸平石を盾に敷き詰めて花の様な模様をあしらう。

I really love this idea, would like to incorporate in the stone in the basement area instead of mosaic risers - I've re thought this and think may be too overpowering. Thinking tiled risers and small pebble mosaics in floor would be much nicer.

HO2 Tiny Shipping Container House

Do you remember that incredible shipping container house I just posted about with all the beautiful snow? Not only did Honomobo build the house, here.

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Joe- you mentioned black windows. will you be able to have them install something like this? Your wether allows for some epic indoor outdoor moments.


Think this could work with my logo, simply as a 'V' rather than the whole word

Park House / another APARTMENT #japanese #house #japan

Gallery of Park House / another APARTMENT - 2

Built by another APARTMENT in Tokyo, Japan with date Images by Koichi Torimura. It is a house for a couple located in a residential area of Tokyo. Although a site is about 46 square meters and surr.

狭小住宅 狭小地に建つスキップフロアの家 アーキッシュギャラリー

狭小住宅 狭小地に建つスキップフロアの家 アーキッシュギャラリー