Samurai armor details, Japan

WOT inspiration: / Samurai armor details, Japan - beautiful knots and stitches

Great scarf, socks, hat and coat! Can I dress E like he is at an English boarding school?

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Réplica de uma armadura de Uesugi Kenshin

These samurai dudes must have been terrifying when they came at you in full battle armour.

black and gold cloak

madamecuratrix: “ davoser-tagebuch: “ La Tenue de Cérémonie de Maréchal d’Empire pour Michel Ney, Duc d’Elchingen et Prince de la Moskowa. (The Ceremonial Regalia of Michel Ney, Marshal of the Empire, Duke of Elchingen and Prince of Moscow).

F00211 拡大画像2 From:

F00211 拡大画像2 From:

1800's French Military Uniform

Uniform of Division General worn by Napoleon at the Battle of Marengo, 1800 - maybe cut the front of a suit jacket and add it at the back as a tailcoat? PS - Love the high collar!

Medieval Tunic & Overcoat - Medieval Renaissance Clothing, Costume

Eastern Europe medieval warrior costume - tunic and surcoat TUNIC is made of natural linen with silver (or golden on request) trim and two small


“The first garment” – For popularization of Georgian traditional “chokha.” Collection presented by the Georgian National Ballet ensemble, Sukhishvilebi, Erisioni and Rustavi dancers. Dresses below are by Samoseli Pirveli.