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Rocketumblr | Yamato (2005) 1:1 Scale Set 男たちの大和/YAMATO 原寸大セット ...

Rocketumblr | Yamato (2005) 1:1 Scale Set 男たちの大和/YAMATO 原寸大セット ...

SF的な90年代アメリカを旅する少女とロボットを描いた作品集「The Electric State」 | 展覧会情報・写真・デザイン|ADB

Fria Ligan is raising funds for The Electric State - Simon Stålenhag's New Narrative Artbook on Kickstarter! From acclaimed artist Simon Stålenhag comes a new narrative artbook about a girl and her robot traveling west in an alternate USA.

valanthos: High-Tech Hate by f1x-2

“High Tech Hate by (Josan Gonzalez) ” “We sing into the sky on the production line, The sheep are told to divide The engines of hate still grind”

"Hong kong fever the son of sam, try to catch me if you can I killed ten people with a frying pan" Straight Outta Kowloon

"The Raid" – Section 6 by Josan Gonzalez & Laurie Greasley – Hero Complex Gallery

Future art...

nexusroku: “ This will be featured in the project Moments Lost created by Analog Sweden. It will stand alongside works by artists Killian Eng, H.R FM and more. If you love Blade Runner you should.