Azalea bushes at Shiofune Kannon Temple, Tokyo, Japan

Bucket List: to visit Japan - Azalea bushes at Shiofune Kannon Temple, Tokyo, Japan

Ashikaga Flower Park – Tochigi, Japan - 30 Extraordinary Pictures That Will Blow Your Mind

Ashikaga Flower Park in Tochigi Japan This plant, a wisteria, is a vine. Notice the grid work up above that the plant was trained on. This vine will pull down a brick wall so don't plant it against your house.

Oodaira Hot Spring, Yamagata, Japan

Oodaira Hot Spring, Yamagata, Japan- might be too far west but pinning anyways

Floating over a koi pond, this small deck offers tranquil dining or just resting and enjoying the peaceful sound of water trickling from the waterfall.

Deck Designs: Ideas for Freestanding Decks

This has all the features - Outdoor living space, koi pond, backyard waterfall, patio deck. Now lets stuff it with beautiful plants!

Hirosaki Castle, Japan

Cherry blossoms, Hirosaki castle, a hirayama-style Japanese castle constructed in Photo by: Glenn Waters

Lighted Cherry Blossom Lake in Sakura, Japan

Cherry Blossom Lake - Sakura, Japan

Combination of Pink and Blue is always the best.Cherry blossom festival at the Formosan Aboriginal Culture Village in Yuchi Township, Nantou County, Taiwan

TOP 10 World’s Cheapest Exotic Travel Destinations: Kerela

TOP 10 World's Cheapest Exotic Travel Destinations